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Hello Everyone!

Posted by in First Post | September 13, 2012
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I’ll start off by telling you a little bit about myself.  Being a mother of three and full-time designer makes for a hectic and interesting life.  I have been a designer for twelve years in the South Florida area.  Design is not only a job but an obsession of mine.  I was able to take time off after my first child, a now four year old boy, and that was the longest year of my life; it was a wonderful time but I wanted to get back to work and feed my appetite for creativity through design.  I quickly dove back in and have been working in the Palm Beach area for three years now.  My second short hiatus was this last year for the birth of my now nine month old twin girls.   They are so much fun and have added a whole new element to my life.

This blog will include design tips, event info, current project tips, things in general that I find interesting as well as family and motherhood details.  Being the busy wife, mother and designer might make these blogs few and far between but I will Try as I may to entertain you.