Why do Designers leave their own home for last?

Posted by in Current Project | November 03, 2012
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I have a theory that really good designers are so busy that they don’t have time to design or fix up their own homes. At least I am hoping that is the case because if it is then I should be considered an excellent designer. Before moving into to our current home I made a list of things I had to do to move in, a list of short term, as in 2 year things, I would like to get accomplished and then the final wish list. So far, after recent review, I am way behind on the two year plan and we have been here three and a half. So, I have vowed to remodel my kitchen before the holidays and by that I mean just paint the cabinets and change the hardware for a whole new look. A friend of mine is helping paint them with Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint. I’ll update with photos soon so you can see the outcome. What I want to know is…. Does an electrician have lights that don’t work or plumbers sinks that are clogged? Does the cleaning lady have a messy home or am I just a special case?

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